About us

CHORUS Digital is your partner for digitization in the process industry – we accompany you in the various phases of your digitization project, both as a consultant and as an implementer of custom-fit solutions. We design the path to digital transformation with an integrated project process that maps the complexity and interaction of technology with management, organization and the human factor. In doing so, we are responding to the specific criticism from those responsible in industry that digitization projects are often processed without appropriate consideration of the existing overall complexity.

Industries & Services

We provide digitization services primarily for the energy-intensive process industry. As a result, we have in-depth experience and sound understanding of specific process engineering issues related to the following industries:

  • Energy supplier, thermal power plants (biomass, waste wood, garbage, residuals, coal, etc.)
  • District and local heating networks
  • Wood, wood-based panel and sawmill industry
  • Pulp&Paper industry
  • Waste water treatment, flue gas cleaning
  • Chemical industry
  • Cement industry
  • Steel industry

As CHORUS Digital, we combine the various required competencies for the specific implementation of the task at hand. In addition to the substantive design of the technical-logical aspects, which encompass the IT and data side as well as the procedural and process-related side of the value stream, the organizational-cultural management aspects also play an equally important role. The coherent interaction of these areas ensures a successful and sustainable entry into the digital transformation.

The group

In CONENGA Group, we combine our expertise in digitalization with the profound knowledge of VOIGT+WIPP Engineers and FACT Consulting in the areas of technology, engineering, management consulting, development and service – on a strategic and operational level.

We focus on challenges related to the many different aspects of the Circular Economy – from strategic positioning to process and regulatory implementation.

See for yourself and visit the CONENGA Group website: www.conengagroup.com


News from the CHORUS Digital Blog

  • Using data mining, the really important information is extracted from process data and the operation of your industrial plant is raised to a new level of detailed data transparency. The recording of the data in archive servers is only the first step in obtaining information and knowledge from this data. Make the information contained in the data tangible and usable with us!

  • Using digitization - a challenge at brownfield sites in the process industry.

    CHORUS Digital takes on the task and offers concrete solution paths in which logical-technical aspects are combined with content from management, personnel and organizational development and the tools of digitization.

  • When it comes to optimizing industrial plants and processes that are already operating close to their design limits, our engineers are at their best. Our combination of mechanical engineering, control engineering and process engineering, which is unique on the market, enables you to tap hidden performance reserves and optimization potential.