The optimization of processes and plants is our core competence.

When it comes to optimizing industrial plants and processes that are already operating close to their design limits, our engineers are at their best. Our combination of mechanical engineering, control engineering and process engineering, which is unique on the market, enables you to tap hidden performance reserves and optimization potential.

We optimize the sensitive overall structure of energy and raw material input, as well as product quality and quantity, into a dynamic system that guarantees you drive more economically.

Steps to develop and utilize existing potentials

  1. Process engineering plant analysis
  2. Evaluation of the current control concepts
  3. Economic evaluation, determination of guarantee values
  4. Creation of optimized measuring and control concepts
  5. Planning and simulation of the modifications
  6. Programming and commissioning
  7. Fine-tuning the parameters and settings

VWE-MPPC Maximum Plant Performance Controller

In order to operate production and energy plants at their economic and technical best, we have developed a system that guarantees 100% utilization of your plants in continuous operation. In this process, a full capacity parameter is identified for each of the included plant sections and combined with corresponding status information (e.g. plant in operation) to automatically adjust the correct setting of all other plants.

By using the VWE-MPPC technology, you as a plant operator can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Guarantees maximum production output under all boundary conditions
  • Guarantees maximum energy efficiency of plant operation
  • Optimized control performance through model predictive controller
  • Automatic load optimization even with changing production and plant conditions

Benefit from our knowledge in the biomass, chemical, waste incineration and paper industries.