Range of services

CHORUS Digital is your partner for digitization in the process industry – We accompany you through the various phases of your digitization journey both as a consultant and as an implementer of diverse solutions. We design the path to digital transformation with an integrated project process that maps the complexity and interaction of technology with management, organization and the human factor. In doing so, we are responding to the specific criticism from those responsible in industry that digitization projects are often processed without appropriate consideration of the existing overall complexity.

Tailor-made & custom fit

We handle change with care. In this process, we combine economic, technical and also ecological objectives and thus create multidimensional advantages and future fitness. We take into account technical, economic and socio-cultural aspects when making the necessary investment decisions. We design digital transformation with you as a customized solution and implement the various phases of the digitization of your company together and as a whole. With our range of services, we address specific problems and make an active contribution to solving them – by further developing and optimizing value creation with the tools and methods of digitization and by contributing our expertise to the development of new products, services, processes, and business models.

Our advantage: independence

We as CHORUS Digital are characterized by independence from products (measurement technology, hardware and software) with at the same time a good overview of existing products. Solution alternatives are evaluated with the inclusion of concrete life-cycle considerations with the corresponding long-term perspective in the technical, economic ecological assessment. We do not see digitization as an end in itself, but as a new, more powerful solution category that opens up many opportunities. As a result, the focus is always on optimized, well-designed value creation with clear, measurable savings for the customer.

Development with vision

The greatest challenge in digital transformation projects for existing productions (brownfield) is the appropriate consideration of complexity. Digitization in industry can encompass many things: from automation, to digital transformation, to the connection of already existing “digital images” from logistics and materials management with the concrete data worlds mapping the production process (using many measurement and control points). For example, the targeted handling of big data using complex mathematical mapping and solution models, artificial intelligence, and powerful software enables the digital mapping of complex production processes and technologies.

At CHORUS Digital, we consistently think from a digital perspective, but also make the connection to process engineering, value stream design, and also corporate culture and organizational design. This opens up many starting points and solutions not only within the framework of existing business models and value chains, but also in their modification, further development and new design.

Together with our customers, we further develop their business models with a view to digitization and support them from the concept to the consistent implementation in processes and products or services. In doing so, we jointly develop the technical-logical and the socio-cultural system of the customer’s value stream. People working in the value stream change their approaches and are supported in developing their competencies.

Projects as a central form of service provision

The services are implemented in project form and follow a basic process model with customer/order-specific adaptation (DPIM – Digitalization Process Industry Model). This ensures implementation reliability and optimal use of existing experience.

In project design, the technical-logical and socio-cultural aspects are always considered together and supported by appropriate consulting expertise.

  • Capture of the task, understanding of the customer’s problem
  • Rough check inventory, business model(s), systems, structures, value stream
  • Development of a clear picture of the benefit dimensions
    (data analysis, potential analysis)
  • Clarity to a meaningful project/program – understandable as an investment
  • Development/deepening of the content project embedding – clarity on software, plant, product mix, functions, material and energy flow
  • Abstraction of the value stream and processes (illustration)
  • Big Data – collect, analyze, derive hypotheses, make data useful
  • Develop models, select AI models and train/calibrate with the data.
  • Process data coupling, pre-processing, coupling OT/IT
  • Development Digital Twins with the basics of closed loops (in sprints), development of the prototype.
  • Bundled visualization following user wishes/standards
  • Design of (new) focused reporting (targets, KPIs)
Relevant standards/templates are derived from realized prototypes with a view to the requirements, validated and implemented. The following contents will be elaborated (in overview):

  • Requirements, measuring points, configuration plant
  • Modeling
  • SW environment, visualization and reports
  • SW packages (licenses, interface solutions, integration)
  • Standards for plant operation – organization, competencies, induction scenario
  • Standards for maintenance, updates and further development
  • Realization, implementation – technical, organizational, competence-related in the organization and culture
  • Knowledge transfer, competence building, induction
  • Optional: derivation of generic modules (industry/size-related)
  • Accompanying: Tight project management

Consulting for the implementation of digitalization, specific work designs, design workshops

We understand digitization in the process industry comprehensively and include the following topics and disciplines in our consulting services.

  • Process engineering to work out conclusive cause-effect relationships in order to be able to standardize
  • Control technology to create substantial added value across the board and also plant-specifically with high-quality control technology (APC), to design “soft sensors”, to optimally include ambient conditions
  • Automation in order to optimally connect the inventory, to provide visualization and to be able to set parameters
  • OT, IT, network, database, cloud to use the generated data for traceability (e.g. batch, sustainability) as well as quality traceability to form groups that can serve as a basis for variant configurations
  • Architecture work (database, applications, software, frontend) to connect OT and IT to the cloud into a big picture that is designed, implemented and validated
  • Economic consideration of the organization in order to implement the expected improvements (e.g. reduction of complaints, rejects, downtime/cleaning, energy use or increases in productivity, output, quality)
  • Expenditures or investments must be appropriately compared and appropriate bases must be provided at decision points

We divide our consulting services into the following areas, depending on their scope and depth:

In short analyses, we work with you to identify the problem, the optimization levers and outline possible approaches.

We match your goals and requirements with our experience and starting points to get a clear picture of what is possible, what you can and want to actually implement and what the solution design looks like.

The collaboration takes place in innovatively designed formats both in person and online. Results are executed in a clearly comprehensible manner (digitally / visually documented) and are available as a basis for decision-making for larger projects.

In feasibility studies or concept studies, we work with you to analyze the existing situation, for example a plant, a value chain, the underlying and targeted business model, the existing systems, structures, the value stream, the data stream and the given restrictions. Based on this, we develop the solution design for previously made fundamental decisions in the depth required by the customer.

As a result, well-founded documents are available for an investment decision or clarity on a project or digitization program. Our advantage for you: we combine the disciplines listed at the beginning in the specifically required form and coordinate this with your experts.

If desired, we will support you throughout the project with our distinctive experience in implementation support.