Our products and services serve holistic digitization. They address problems in the process industry and, in the first approach, support the visualization of core processes or plants within the value chain as well as the corresponding reporting. We further optimize through control and process engineering measures based on facts with a corresponding data basis and with artificial intelligence.

Our products & solutions enable the reduction of complexity

  • Availability and use of status and operational data online in real time
  • Clear graphical preparation of status and operating data in web application with mobile integration
  • Connection of higher-level company data with operational data
  • Expansion of plant service life, intelligent shift models, optimization of production planning and control
  • Critical view of expensive investments
  • Development of business models, use of the digital perspective for completely new business models
  • Recognition of potential savings
  • Creation of a reporting basis, implementation of reporting – also for EU taxonomy, according to European Sustainable Reporting Standard (ESRS)

KAIDIRA® – Knowledge, AI, Digitalization, Information, Reporting Application

The KAIDIRA® Suite enables a wide range of applications and optimizations. We also frequently use this suite in conjunction with our control engineering optimization products EPOC® Suite or BCS® Suite. The application is industry-independent. The data connection is made via MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport), but other protocols are also possible for specific projects.

All the benefits of the cloud application are securely available via two-factor authentication and corresponding other security standards. Corresponding hardware and software infrastructure is designed on a project-specific basis.

The dashboard

The KAIDIRA® Suite dashboard clearly displays and monitors data points (e.g. sensor values) as well as target values and KPIs (key performance indicators) along the entire value chain. This gives you an overview of your production factors, consumption, production quantities, sales volumes and much more.
Individually created alarm values inform you in advance, also on mobile devices, if parameters leave the desired range. This allows you to take immediate countermeasures and improve your performance.

With KAIDIRA®, you benefit from built-in flexibility and toolboxes (diagnostic modules such as RGK potential assessment calculator, AI-based fire position detection, heat forecast, etc.) that fundamentally optimize your data analysis and visualization. Among other things, these toolboxes enable the representation of complex relationships in order to show target-performance comparisons from the theoretical optimum to the practical value.

The KAIDIRA® Dashboard core functionality at a glance:

  • Automatic reliable data acquisition
  • Live visualization in graphical form of process data and KPIs
  • Change the granularity of displayed time series, trends and values easily and without delay via mouse button (zooming function)
  • Customized diagnostics and alerting functionality
  • Secure data storage and long-term information generation
  • Representation in different diagrams
  • Integration of AI, for example for forecast calculation

Heat demand forecast

In automated industrial plants, extensive process data is determined and recorded. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods, especially Machine and Deep Learning, we create data-driven models from your process data. These fulfill a wide range of application purposes, support your employees in operation and verifiably increase the efficiency of your plant.

Energy prices, both on the energy producer side and on the consumer side, are becoming increasingly dynamic and difficult to predict. Energy-dependent operations therefore want to respond quickly and flexibly to input (energy demand) in order to achieve the best possible balance in relation to output of energy/heat.

Our heat demand forecast uses AI to predict the future heat demand of a district heating network. The specifically adapted model uses historical data and other parameters (e.g. outdoor temperature) to calculate the expected power decrease. This prediction enables the optimal use of the buffer tank and reduces the use time of the peak load boiler. In addition, your biomass boiler will operate more consistently and quietly.

Fire position measurement with AI technology

The fire position measurement with AI technology developed in the CONENGA Group enables you to digitally locate the current fire position in grate firing systems. This can serve as the basis for significantly improved control of the combustion process.

Our AI models, implemented with neural networks, independently evaluate the individual images of an optical firebox camera and extract important information, such as the position of the fire location or the length of the burnout zone (=burnout reserve). With this information provided in digital form, it is possible to integrate the fire position into the control concept.

This allows continuous optimization of the combustion process. Burnout reserves are detected and adjustments can be made to grate speeds and material feed. This allows you to make the most of your existing grate area and achieve a smoother firing position.

For overall process optimization, we use this AI-based fire position detection with our control engineering fire performance optimization know-how and our EPOC® Boiler and BCS® FLR (fire performance control) product modules.