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Member of CONENGA Group

proudly presented by FACT Consulting and VOIGT+ WIPP

FACT Consulting stands for more than 20 years of successful management consulting.

VOIGT+WIPP offers tailor-made technical solutions in process and control technology.

Together, as CHORUS DIGITAL, we are your partner for digitization in the process industry

Your digitization project in 5 steps

CHORUS DIGITAL – from data to impact

We design the path to digital transformation holistically with an integrated project process that maps the complexity and interaction of technology with management, organization and the human factor.

We are responding to the specific criticism of those responsible from the industry that digitization projects are often processed without taking the existing overall complexity into account.

Your digitization project – in good hands with CHORUS DIGITAL

The greatest challenge in digital transformation projects with existing productions (“brownfield”) is the lack of consideration of complexity.

As CHORUS DIGITAL, we take a holistic and integrated approach to digital transformations:

  • Technology

  • Organization

  • Culture

Trough the harmonious interaction of these areas, your entry into the digital transformation will be successful and sustainable.


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“Digitization is more than just collecting and storing data. To ensure it is more than just a toothless catchphrase for you, CHORUS Digital accompanies you on your way to a successful digital future.”

Richard Wipp and Franz Peter Walder, managing directors


CHORUS Digital GmbH

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